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A voice and a choice for our mental health

How to give feedback

With a little preparation, your appointment with your doctor (also known as a GP or general practitioner) should be a positive experience that guides you towards improved physical, mental or emotional health.

However, patients are sometimes unhappy with the care and treatment they receive from their GP, or from other surgery staff, and you might be too.

Some people are frustrated because:

  • Not all doctors have much experience in the field of mental illness
  • They feel their GP is not listening to them
  • They feel patronised or that their GP is unable to connect on an equal level with them as a young person
  • They feel their GP uses jargon or specialist language, and is unable to communicate effectively, in a way they can understand

If this is the case for you, first you should try letting the doctor know what you are finding difficult, as there may be some simple changes he/she could make.

If you are still unhappy, when you call to make your next appointment you could ask to see someone different or ask if there is someone at the practice who has experience with mental health issues.

If you wish to make a formal complaint against a GP or another member of staff in a GP practice, these are the steps to take:


Please note that from 1 April 2013, PALS and LINk will be replaced nationally by Healthwatch – google ‘Healthwatch Brighton and Hove’ to find out how to register your complaint through Healthwatch.


It is your legal right to make a complaint and you can expect to have it fully investigated and a full response given