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A voice and a choice for our mental health

Ideas to help

Everyone has their own way of coping. Here are some things we’ve heard and found can help:


Some people find it helps to distract themselves if they feel they may self harm. We understand the ideas below might not work for everyone, but they might help you:

  • Something fun: listen to music, watch your fave tv show, do a puzzle (sudoko, wordsearch) or pop some bubblewrap!
  • Something creative: painting, drawing or writing. Also, some people find drawing on yourself with a non-permanent red marker pen can help.
  • Something new: read a different magazine, try yoga, learn an instrument, do some physical exercise like go for a walk or jog.
  • Something comforting: allow yourself to cry, phone or meet someone you care about, sleep, cuddle a soft toy or pillow, or have a hot chocolate.

You’ll find many more ideas here. If you find it difficult, it can be helpful to start by distracting yourself for a short time, and build it up gradually.


Talking can help you to understand what’s going on, how you’re feeling and to come up with ideas to feel better. It can also help others to know how you’re feeling and understand why you’re doing the things you do. Take a look at our Communicating section for ideas to get you talking.

Get more support

There are loads of services in Brighton and Hove to help you (these are listed on our Local Support Services page.) If the thought of going somewhere new feels scary, here some tips:

  • Take a friend, family member or someone you trust with you.
  • Think about what you want to say before you go: Doc Ready can be really useful for helping to start the conversation.
  • Google it to find out more and to plan your route so you know where you’re going.