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Keeping yourself safe

Trying to stop self harming can be difficult. To help keep yourself safe, there are different ways of self harming, some of which are safer than others such as using elastic bands or ice cubes. Here is some more advice about keeping yourself safe.

  • When you are self harming it’s really important to look after yourself by using clean equipment and clean any cuts afterwards to reduce risk of infections.
  • Think about the environment you’re in whilst self harming: try to avoid dirty and dangerous situations and to be in a place near other people who could help you if necessary.
  • Take time to understand and manage risks related to any substances you may use, and use a condom every time you have sex.
  • If you have taken an overdose, seek medical attention. You can phone 999 for an ambulance or 111 for free information and advice if you’re not sure it’s an emergency. If you can, take the tablets or packaging of tablets with you so medical staff know what you’ve taken.