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A voice and a choice for our mental health

Parents and Carers


Our volunteers have created a guide to help parents and carers in Brighton and Hove to better support young people struggling with their mental and emotional health.

Volunteers held focus groups with local parents and carers to find out about their experiences of supporting their children, and also spoke to young people about what their parents did/said that was supportive – and what wasn’t.

Many parents and carers we met spoke of feeling isolated, embarrassed and ashamed by the challenges they were facing. They also reported that when they had taken the step to seek professional help, they had sometimes come up against barriers in the form of not being taken seriously, being dealt with insensitively and being bounced between services.

This Right Here guide is a way of drawing all those experiences together, positive and negative, and helping other parents and carers who are trying to support young people across our city.

Click here to download the full guide or click here to download our mini-guide Talking About Self Harm. Alternatively, pick up a copy in your GP surgery, child’s school or college, or at the Right Here office.

You’ll also find great support for parents at these websites:

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