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Right Here in the news

chrissy b showSelf-injury Awareness Day is held each year on March 1st and to help raise awareness The Chrissy B Show on Sky 203 dedicated their programme on the 27th February to the subject.  Chrissy B invited Jessica Cotton, Right Here Project Manager onto the show to discuss what Right Here is doing to support young people in Brighton and Hove and what effect this is having in the community.

The Chrissy B Show is a positive TV show that tackles different topics, especially mental health issues and informs and equips viewers to be more positive. It features many of the issues currently in the public eye and uses powerful real life stories in the search for constructive solutions and positive outcomes. The show is also daring, covering difficult topics that aren’t always featured in the media, such as self-harm.

Watch the video here (Jessica Cotton is on 32 minutes into the show):

How does Right Here support young people?

Right Here has created several support materials for young people and those close to them, these include:

For more information on Right Here please visit: