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Displaying a Right Here window sticker in your window reassures young people in your area that you have made efforts to be more youth-friendly.

Currently the sticker is only available to GP surgeries in Brighton and Hove who fulfil the follow criteria:

  1. There is an area of your surgery waiting room clearly marked and dedicated to displaying information for young people, including Where To Go For and other services around the city (such as YPC, YAC, Allsorts, sexual health information….)
  2. There is a page on your surgery website (with a clear link from the homepage) dedicated to information for young people and including our short film How Can I. We can provide you with the necessary link/code for the film and additional information to add to this page.
  3. You must have a PPG and be able to show you are actively encouraging your patients aged 16-25 to join it.
  4. All staff who work on reception have signed the Right Here agreement!
  5. Where To Go For (which contains over 100 support services for young people in our city) must be heavily promoted throughout your surgery, including displaying A4 stickers on your toilet doors, and all medical staff must know to signpost patients aged 16-25 to it.

If you work at a surgery and feel you meet all the criteria above, ask your Practice Manager to email us to invite our volunteers to your surgery to do a quick assessment… then the sticker is all yours! If young people see this in your surgery window it will encourage them to visit when they need to… and to feel comfortable when they do.