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Volunteering FAQs

What support is available to me?

You will be working in a team of friendly and supportive young people, along with a coordinator. If you feel you need help, support, or just a chance to chat about problems, the coordinators are all available for one-to-one meetings outside of regular volunteering hours and can easily be contact by email, phone, or text.

How much time will I have to commit?

Everyone has loads of commitments outside of their volunteering work. We try to be as flexible as we can about the time we want from you. Each role has their own meetings on either a weekly or fortnightly basis. These are generally in the evenings, outside of typical work and college hours.

Outside of volunteer meetings, each role is different, and there’s a lot of different things to do, and you can get involved in the work that suits you. For some more information on commitment, check out the individual volunteer role pages at the top of this page.

What about expenses?

Any travel costs (such as bus fares) will be paid for by us. Also, we can pay for food and drink if you’re attending events with us. We also pay for all your training costs.

What is a DBS check and why do I need one?

A DBS check is a Disclosure and Barring Services check.

Right Here ensures that young people who we meet and work with are cared for and safe. We therefore ask all volunteers to undertake a DBS check (which we will pay for).

What information is kept about me?

Because Right Here is evaluated in order to maintain its funding we do keep some information about you, records of volunteering hours, and achievements. This information is all kept in a secure place, and will only be used for statistical evidence (never being to you personally). If you’d like more information about this, then don’t hesitate to ask!

What training will I receive?

We provide all volunteers with a basic training package which includes Equality & Diversity, Basic Mental Health Awareness, Resilience, Communication Skills and Child Protection.

Each role has specific training too. As an example, Research and Evaluation volunteers do training in research skills.

We also have accreditation and training opportunities in place which you can get a certificate for. You don’t have to take part in any accreditation schemes but they do look great on your CV! Sometimes we can offer training with other local organisations.

Where do we meet?

Each group is different, but generally we meet at Reed House, which is a YMCA Downslink Group building. We sometimes also have team building events and activities.

The project Coordinators ensure that the meeting venues are safe environments that have been risk assessed and covered by adequate insurance.

Will volunteering help find me a job?

It won’t guarantee you a job, but it will definitely help!

As a volunteer you will be gaining valuable experience and skills which could help you get work, through both your work as a volunteer and the training courses you will do. For example, your communication skills may be enhanced through working with young people and professionals, and you may also do some training specifically in communication skills too! Employers will also look favourably on people who have given their free time to help others through a charity project.

We are happy to provide references if it is appropriate for volunteers who have been on the project for a sufficient length of time. In fact, we have previously provided numerous references for our volunteers for jobs and university courses.

We would like to think that being a volunteer for Right Here is something people would like to include on their CV and encourage others to get involved.

What happens if I am unable to continue volunteering?

Volunteers may leave the project or take some time out at any point if they feel unable to commit their time (e.g. for health reasons, study or paid employment). All we ask is that you let us know if you are going to leave the project or if you just need some time out.

What about health and safety?

YMCA Downslink Group have Health and Safety policies, so we ensure that we follow both of them. If we are doing any activities, these will be risk assessed to make sure they’re safe. If you have any concerns, just speak to the staff team.

What input will I have in the project?

You’ll have a lot of input – we pride ourselves on being a youth-led project. In fact, we not only pride ourselves on this, but we’ve won a Youth on Board award for it! Being a youth-led project means that a lot of the decisions and actions that the project takes are decided by our volunteers. We get as much out of having you as a volunteer as you get out of volunteering for us, so please come and join our team!