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A voice and a choice for our mental health

Mental Health Promotion Workshops

poster-selfharmRight Here Brighton and Hove is offering FREE peer-led wellbeing workshops to groups of young people at:

Secondary schools in the Brighton and Hove area (as part of the Public Health Healthy Schools programme)

We have two workshops available:

1. Coping Better with Exam Stress (1 hour)

What is stress?
How does it (personally) affect our body / feelings / behaviour?
Top revision tips (eg anti-procrastination, vary locations, breaks and rewards…)
3 x stress management techniques (body clench, deep breathing, visualisation)

2. The Five Ways to Wellbeing (1.5 hours)
Teach Well-B-E-I-N-G then run activities teaching each of the five ways:
Be active / Engage / Interests / Notice / Give

All our workshops are:

  • Written and delivered by young Right Here volunteers aged 16-25, and supported by, the team coordinator.
  • Friendly, informal and confidential, with lots of interactive activities.
  • Aligned with the PSHE curriculum outcomes around mental health and wellbeing.
  • For school groups of up to 30 young people, age 13-18s.
  • Designed to be replicated by tutors and youth workers with other groups of young people.

We are now taking bookings on a first come first served basis. We can only take double bookings of 2 workshops in the same day (e.g. 2 the same for different classes or one of each for the same class).

To book workshops email or call 07738040451